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Centre of Excellence
​Mechanical Engineering

SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatics- Centre of Excellence was established in2015 under the Mechanical of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with SMC Pneumatics India Pvt. Ltd- The world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. The centre provides the platform for Training, Interdisciplinary Research, and Projects & Industrial Solutions in the field of Industrial Automation in the field of Pneumatic Technology.

The center is open for Engineering Students, Industry Personnel and Research Scholars.

Course Details

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be a leading center for Fluid Power Solutions in Academia and industrial world.


To make active center to explore avenues for need based learning and implementation in automation.


To develop skill of automation through international level training.

To provide consultancy for Industrial Automation.

To provide platform for Projects and Research.

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • State of the art infrastructure for effective learning.
  • SMC Training Kits for Basic Pneumatics and Electro-Pneumatics.
  • CAD Based Software for Basic Pneumatics and Electro-Pneumatics.
  • Automation Simulators (AutoSIM-200)
  • Manipulators (MAP-201, MAP-202, MAP-203 and MAP-204)