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About B.Tech Applied Science and Humanities at ITS

Applied Sciences & Humanities Department

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities was established in the year 2006. The Department facilitates the students to study subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Sociology and Professional English. The Department’s aim is to familiarize students with corporate and ethical practices along with technical knowledge, making them meaningful contributors to society. Keeping this objective in mind, the curriculum has been designed to allow students to strengthen their fundamental knowledge and to develop their ability to communicate effectively as technical professionals. For the holistic development of students, the Department also organizes various workshops, seminars, conferences and expert talks which help them to work in a team effectively. Also, the Department boasts of highly intellectual and experienced team of faculty members as well as laboratories equipped with advanced equipments and facilities. The department is also active in monitoring students’ activities and addressing their concerns in order to create a student-friendly and conducive atmosphere.