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Mobile applications have contributed to the rise of smart phones and tablets in a big way, and many companies are showing more interest in developing their own mobile apps. For many organizations, developing mobile apps is a worthwhile way to spend time and money because these apps can help boost employees' productivity. Through a mobile application, users can accomplish a difficult and time-consuming business process in just a few minutes or even seconds. Still,each kind of app comes with challenges. iOS App development is a new dimension in mobile apps development. iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system platform in the world, after Android. The vision of this lab is to build native applications for iPhone and iPad in the field of mobile app development, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Course Details
Apple iOS Lab ITS Engineering College
CSE Program BenefitS ITS Engineering College

Program Benefits

This program is intended for individuals interested in the design, development, or use of mobile device applications, games, or utilities. It will benefit those who wish to distinguish themselves across a wide range of employment and technical disciplines within the rapidly expanding field of mobile application development.

I.        Students who want to learn Mobile App. Development
II. Professionals who wants to    switch in app development.
III.Research Scholars.
CSE Student Training ITS Engineering College

Training for Skill Development

1.To be familiar with environment of Apple OS and Apple iOS X.

2.Learn to work with iOS XCODE-6 and higher version.

3.  To be familiar with Objective C programming and apply the OOPS concepts in Objective C.

4.Learn to start iOS App development from the scratch.

5.Able to develop good quality applications and deploy Apps on Apple App Store.

6.After the Course, students will be employable and ready to adopt by industry.

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CSE Program Detail ITS Engineering College

Program Details

Training course for iOS has been divided into three levels. Each level has been divided into theory and practical session as follows.

1.Level-1 (Basic)  : 70 Hr. (Theory: 30 Hr. + Practical: 40 Hr.)

2.Level-2 (Intermediate) : 70 Hr. ( Theory: 30 Hr. + Practical: 40 Hr.)

3.  Level-3 (Advance)  : 70 Hr. ( Theory: 30 Hr. + Practical: 40 Hr.)


Each session consist of lecture cum discussion followed by hands on practical session.

CSE Learning Objectives ITS Engineering College

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate the working of Mac OS and XCODE.

Students will have an ability to understand and write program in Objective C

Students will be able to run and debug the program on XCODE-6

Students will be able to develop and deploy good quality application.

Students will be able to explain the process of distribution of App on Apple App Store.

Students will be eligible to face the interviews on iOS App Development positions at basic and intermediate level.

Infrastructure Facilities

  • State of the art infrastructure for effective learning.
  • Opportunity for students to develop innovative projects.
  • Facility for Research and development activities.
  • Hands-on practices with Mac OS and cross platform systems.
  • Apple authorized training and certificates.
  • Opportunity for faculty to use Mac systems as effective teaching-learning tool.
  • iOS Based Software for various projects.
CSE Lab ITS Engineering College

Module 1

  1. Getting setup
  2. Introduction to Programming with C
Computer Science Lab ITS Engineering College

Module 2

  1. Introduction to Objective C
  2. Building a To Do List App

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering students
  • Engineering professional looking for better prospective
  • Research scholar
  • Engineering professional looking for international certification