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The literary committee of the College is one of the most active bodies for conducting a plethora of extra-curricular activities, especially the literary ones like extempore speeches, debates, essay writing competitions, poem recitations, etc. The committee looks after the literary yearnings of its students by promoting the hidden talents of the students and providing a platform to them to realize their inherent skills. The committee also aims to develop the analytical and creative thinking skills of the students. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of literature in both Hindi and English languages and increase their literary skills. The committee aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students, but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instill in them confidence to speak well. In short, the literary committee is a one stop destination for every person who loves literature, and wants to share their experiences, readings and thoughts with others who share similar interests.

Main Objective of Literary Club Formation:

  1- Inculcate Literary interest

  2- Foster creativity

  3- Make the officers better communicators

  4- Develop Literary sensibility

  5- Make Students extensive readers

List of Various Popular Literary Activities

Once Upon A TimeEnglish Club
Memory Chain English Club
 DeadlockEnglish Club
 CharadeEnglish Club
 Treasure HuntEnglish Club
 Blind AptitudeEnglish Club
 Sangram Hindi Club
 Chai Pe Charcha Hindi Club
 ShayriHindi Club
 English Debate & Slogan Writing Insight Ink: The Writing Club
Newspaper ReadingBook Worms: The Reading Club 
 Many More

List of Faculty Coordinators 

Sr. No.





Dr. Sanjay Yadav


Dean Student Welfare


Dr. Nidhi Puri


Literary Convener


Mr. Abhishek Rai


Literary Co-Convener


Dr. Divya Mishra



List of Student Coordinators

 Club Details Name Branch Year Contact Number
English Club Head Deepak M.E 4th9718317703
English Club Head  Mahak MBA 2nd7830934409
English Club Head
 Vashu MBA 2nd8512068577 
 English Club Head Eshan Sharma ME 4th9599977109 
English Club Co-Head  Mitlesh  ECE 3rd8700468751
English Club Co-Head Antariksh  ECE 3rd8448616837
Hindi Club Head Umesh Gour  ECE 4th8384827411
Hindi Club Head Nimisha Singh  MBA 2nd9968327869
Hindi Club Co-Head Aashu Jha  ME 3rd9319440185
Hindi Club Co-Head Shikher Garg  MBA 2nd9560958998
Literary Cordinators Sindhuza Singh  CSE 2nd8527750190
Literary Cordinators Chandan Pandey  CSE 2nd9810841913
Literary Cordinators Saket Tiwari  CSE2nd 7753042800
Literary Cordinators Anjali Upadhyay  ECE 2nd9953040053
Literary Cordinators Abhinav Kumar Prabat  CSE 2nd7426945517
Literary Cordinators Apurwa  CSE 2nd7903040859
Literary Cordinators Sakshi Singh  CSE 2nd8445660400
Literary Cordinators Ankit Tripathi  CSE 2nd8700378397
Literary Cordinators Gurserian Singh  ME 2nd9643631130
Literary Cordinators Prachi Bhatt  ECE 2nd8794306184
Literary Cordinators Pramod Yadav  ME 2nd8756881919
Literary Cordinators Anupama Raj  ECE 2nd9905506730
Literary Cordinators Naman Kashyap  CSE 2nd9711156067
Literary Cordinators Rajat  Gupta  ECE 2nd96667772792
Literary Cordinators Kushagra Goyal  ME 2nd8077732295

Along with an ever competitive spirit in academia, fun and exciting way to get involved in physical activities becomes essential. Sports provide for a well-rounded character: they help develop skills based on teamwork and camaraderie, as well as teach young people how to set goals and persevere through hardships to achieve those goals. Physical, mental, and emotional development and upliftment provided by sports is incredible.

ITS Engineering College provides innumerable sports opportunities to the students to give performance at inter college level and Inter college level in various games and sports. ITS Engineering College provides many sports facilities in the sports complex of the campus like indoor badminton court, indoor Basketball court, Karate hall, Yoga hall, Squash court Table tennis, Well-equipped Gymnasium . Apart from these college has different grounds for outdoor games like Football, Handball, Volleyball , Kabaddi, kho – kho ,Hockey and Standard track for athletics.

There are a wide number of activities and programs available to students both on campus and in the community. Each of these extracurricular activities has their own short and long-term benefits.

  • Sports programs are some of the most common extracurricular activities offered and can impact more than just a student’s athletic ability. Sports teams and clubs can help students develop leadership skills, give them a sense of purpose, help them learn to set goals, and even teach them the importance of teamwork. These skills are valuable to future employers and will help students after they leave the classroom and enter the professional world.
  • College clubs and cultural programs can help students explore their interests and passions.
  • Performance-based programs such as band, choir, drama, speech & debate can instill students with greater confidence, allow them to be creative, and can teach them how to express themselves.
  • Language and cultural programs can help students gain a better understanding of our global society and learn to appreciate different customs and beliefs.
  • Tutoring and academically focused programs can help students improve in more than just their grades. Students who experience success, even if that success comes outside of regular school hours, are more likely to want to learn and apply themselves in college each day.

Students’ Farewell  May 2019
Mata Ki Chowki 22 Feb 2020
Udghosh-2019 : 28th February - March 1st 2019
Alumni Meet: Sankalan 1st March 2020
Fresher’s Party: Roo-Ba-Roo  13 September  2019
Teacher’s Day Celebration  5 September 2019
AKTU Zonal Arts & Cultural Fest 2019-‘20 22nd & 23rd February 2020
World Tourism Day27th Sept 2019
Surgical Strike Day29th Sept 2019
Atalji’s 95th Birthday Celebration 25 December 2019
Independence Day Celebration 15 August 2019
Republic Day Celebration 26 January 2020
 MUN 9th& 10th February 2020