Scholarships Opportunities at ITS Engineering College

Scholarships Opportunities @ ITS

Over the years, numerous Scholarships have been awarded to ITS students. Here is a quick snapshot of the same along with different categories of scholarships available at ITS:

Scholarships in 2019

Government ​Scholarship

ITS Scholarships

​Corporate Scholarships

Scholarships Offered

ITS Scholarships

ITS scholarships are given on basis of Merit and other related achievements

Govt. Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by govt. of UP, Bihar, Minority Ministry & PMSSS

Corporate Scholarships

Top Corporate organizations offer scholarships to deserving students

Scholarship Calculator ITS Engineering College

Scholarships by ITS Engineering College

ITS Engineering College takes a lot of pride in offering scholarships to meritorious students. Below table has the relevant details B.Tech Engineering Scholarships Offered by ITS Engineering College

B.Tech Scholarships Offered by ITS Engineering College
​B.Tech CSE branch only (applicable for 1st year)

B.Tech CSE branch only (applicable for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year)

MBA Scholarships (applicable for 1st year)

MBA Scholarships (applicable for 2nd year)

Special Scholarships Offered by ITS Engineering College

ITS Engineering College also offers Scholarships for dependents of our esteemed Armed/ Ex-Armed forces personnel.

We also offer scholarships for achievers in Sports and Cultural fields

Scholarships by Govt. / Ministries

Following are the three scholarships provided by Govts of UP, Bihar, as well as, Ministry of Minority Affairs

Government Scholarship Criteria ITS Engineering College
Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme at ITS