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cse lab - ITS engineering
It is a general observation that students at the entry level of undergraduate programs and especially belonging to the rural India are shy in using computers and often feel hesitant in its operation. On the contrary, the technical skills of an engineer clearly put forth the need to have a sound knowledge of application of computer and its different software to solve problems of vivid nature.. To provide practical exposure and on-hand working environment to such students, the college has over 650 computer workstations made available in several air conditioned laboratories of the college building. They are fully networked with branded (IBM, HP, Compaq) i3, i5 & i7 systems and servers. High internet speed of 100 Mbps, broadband internet connectivity has been provided in main computer center with at least one faculty and technical staff to guide them.

 College has the following System and Application Software: 
 System Software                      

   •Windows 7 

   •Windows 10                       

   •Windows 2003 Server                   

   • Windows 2008 Server

   •Windows 2012 Server

   •Windows 2016 Server                   

   •Red hat Linux                   

 Application Software

   •Ms Office 2003 std.

   •Ms Office 2007 std

   •Ms Office 2010 std.

   •Office 365

   •Turbo C++

   •Codegear C++ Builder

   •Ms Exchange Server 2007

   •IBM Rational Rose

   •Oracle 10g Std

   •Quick Heal Antivirus(Console Based)

   •Microsoft Dream Spark(MSDN AA)


   •MAT Lab


   •Lab View

   •Auto Desk Inventer 9


   •Renet Digital Multi Media

   •Clearity Software Pack

   •Tense Buster

   •Study Skill Success

   •Sky Pronunciation

   •Business Writing

   •Error Terror

   •Author plus Pro


This center of excellence was established to promote participation of students in National and International Level Robotics Competitions and get enhanced in Embedded and Robotics skills to get summer internship with IIT Bombay and Embedded Systems and Robotics Industries leading to quality placements or opening up their own ventures as entrepreneurs. The lab is equipped with Robot compatible computing systems having embedded C compilers, AVR studio, AVR Bootloader and STK 500 interfacing modules to burn hex files into the robots. The students work under the guidance of college faculty team mentored by IIT Bombay with 6 months long Task Based Training (TBT 2016).
eYantra Robotics Lab
Applied Labs
Applied Chemistry Lab

Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry Laboratories: -

Our technical institutes have been facilitated with all necessary modern equipments, instruments to impart desired scientific training. For all engineering programs, studying the Applied Physics is the most essential pre-requisite. Through study of Applied Physics, students understand the compound concepts of engineering through experiments and demonstrations in the lab and are encouraged to conduct independent research. Our Chemistry lab is loaded with all modern and hi-tech instruments such as spectro-photometer, centrifuge and other analytical instruments required for basic research as well as teaching at the undergraduate level. APIs of all major programming languages, the laboratories are also equipped with important packages such as Rational Rose of software engineering, computer network simulation, and the complete suite of NET technology. 

Physics Lab
Physics Lab

The first and foremost utility of Physics is to identify the fundamental laws concealed within a natural phenomenon and involve them in establishing facts for newer & exciting inventions that form the very ambit of engineering.

Communication Lab
Digital Professional Communication Lab

Our digital professional communication lab caters to develop the communication skills within the students. This communication language lab facilitates our students improve their communication skills and English language competency through using renowned professional software like, Tense Buster, Study skill success, Sky pronunciation, Business Writing, Error Terror, Author Plan pro and Result Manager

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry lab

The Engineering Chemistry Lab has a wide range of equipment. The lab is aptly prepared to impart education in Chemistry in a neatly designed, spacious and well-ventilated laboratory with a capacity to accommodate 30 students. The lab is aesthetically designed with polished ceramics tiles, separate balance room and chemical store room.

It provides students with a practical approach towards the various techniques used in engineering application. Practical awareness is inculcated and students are trained both quantitatively and qualitatively during the lab sessions so that their understanding and problem solving abilities can be enhanced.

Mechanical Engineering is the core discipline since the dawn of engineering culture, which offers a satisfying & rewarding career. It plays a key role in developing, operating and manufacturing new machines, devices and processes to benefit humanity. No wonder Mechanical Engineers are most sought after technocrats across wide spectrum of industries. They apply their creative imaginations and professional skills to combine both theory and practice in variety of situations. The department of mechanical engineering is proud of its state of the art infrastructure and qualified faculty and support staff, which is highly essential for producing the best. Its aim is to provide the students a perfect blend of intellectual and practical experiences that help them to serve the society and address a variety of needs. Students have good opportunity to understand the technology through machinery equipped labs with Lathe machines, Universal Testing Machine, Fluid machinery apparatus etc. so as to enable them to be socially conscious and technologically skilled and contribute towards solving socially relevant technical problems. The laboratories provide the students with a practical application of the studied curriculum. 

A Special feature of the department is its fully equipped laboratory with the latest state-of-the-art equipments and machinery. Students are encouraged to do mechanical tasks of their choice under the guidance of experienced faculty. The students work in following laboratories:

    • Central Workshop

    • Manufacturing Science Lab

    • Engineering Mechanics Lab

    • Material science and testing Lab

    • Machine Design Lab

    • Thermodynamics Lab

    • Fluid Mechanics Lab

    • Metrology and Measurement Lab

    • Theory of Machines Lab

    • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab

    • Fluid Machinery Lab

    • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

    • CAD/CAM Lab

    • I.C. Engine & Automobile Engg. Lab

Mechanical Engineering Lab
EEE Labs

The Electrical Engineering deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, which includes all large-scale electrical systems mostly, power transmission and motor control. Electrical engineering has gone from simple electric circuits of Edison and Tesla through Rocket science of Bode and Nyquist to the complexity of IC, Satellites and Communication network. The demand of electrical energy in our country is increasing at a very fast rate and this necessitates the need to generate more power. Thus the role of electrical engineer becomes all the more important in today’s scenario. We are equipped to provide prospective engineers with the necessary training and knowledge to enable them to make a meaningful contribution in this area. Initially the programme provides students with a broad base on which their specialist knowledge can be built, the later years have been designed to produce professional engineers with a good working knowledge of analogue, digital and power electronics, electrical machines and power system with the emphasis on applications. The department has an excellent infrastructure to promote a congenial academic environment to impart quality education with well-equipped laboratories and a team of qualified and dedicated faculty members. The department has a well developed R&D cell guided by dedicated faculty members. It also has adequate skilled and self-motivated technical staff. We have developed Industry Academia Cell. The Department has unique ties with industry and one of the advantages this holds for our students is the fact that they are in demand; not only in the local market, but internationally as well.


The department is proud to possess the following labs for B. Tech EEE course. All laboratories are being regularly upgraded and new labs with latest software like MATLAB and LabVIEW are added according to the curriculum requirement of the University.

    •Electrical Engineering Lab

    •Electrical Engineering Lab

    •Electrical Network Lab

    •Electrical Measurement Lab

    •Electrical Machines Lab

    • Power Electronics and Drives Lab

    • Control system Lab

    • Electrical CAD Lab

    • Power System Lab

    • Electrical Instrumentation Lab

    •Simulation Lab

    • Project Lab

    • PLC/SCADA Lab (Rockwell)

Electrical Engineering Lab
The program of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers a fascinating journey, it’s like a roller coaster ride, and you have to really work hard to stay stable. It offers exciting opportunities. Few changes decades old: Moore's law, Analog to Digital conversion, regeneration of Digital Signal and Cellular concept for Wireless Communication have propelled the growth in this domain.  Challenges exist to master new frontiers in design, to reduce power consumption, area, thus, improving reliability and efficiency of future devices. Growth in the area of Electronics Engineering has affected every aspect of life - starting from Home to Intelligent home, Class room to intelligent class room, intelligent roads, intelligent vehicles, and intelligent clothes etc. Ability to communicate all types of information from any place, any time is changing society from Information age to Intelligent age. As an engineer to be relevant, great efforts will be needed in every sub branch of this discipline, be it Communication, Embedded, VLSI or Biomedical. Electronics is touching every aspect of everyday life. We have to be more responsive and more responsible towards society, towards nature for an amiable existence.


A Special feature of the department is its fully equipped laboratory with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, apparatus, and software. Students are encouraged to do electronic projects of their choice under the guidance of experienced faculty. The students work in following laboratories:

    • Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab

   • Electronics Workshop and PCB Lab

    • CAD Lab

    • Digital Lab

    • Microprocessor Lab

    • Communication Lab

    • Analog Integrated Circuit Lab

    •TI Analog Integrated Circuit Lab

    • Digital Signal Processing Lab

    • Microcontroller Lab

    • Microwave and Optical Communication Lab

    •TI Embedded lab

    • Project Lab

Communications Lab
Virtual Lab
Virtual Lab

I.T.S Engineering College is a Nodal Centre of Virtual Lab IIT Delhi, It is an Initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Under the National Mission on Education through ICT. The objective of virtual lab is to provide remote-access to Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering