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Green Chemistry “Designing Chemistry for human health and Environment”. The Department of Applied Science and Humanities, ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida organized an Expert Talk on 16th October on Green Chemistry “Designing Chemistry for human health and Environment”. Dr. Vikas Singh, Executive Director, I.T.S - The Education Group welcomed the honourable guest-cum-distinguished expert, Prof. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi.
Dr. R.K.Sharma delivered an expert talk on green chemistry and its impact for societal needs , health care, pollution control etc. through development of green technology and green materials.
Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, Professor and HOD, Applied Science & Humanities and Dr. Ruchi Shrivastava coordinated the program.
Vote of thanks was given by Dr. P.C. Jha.

Department of M.B.A, I.T.S. Engineering College organized an Expert Talk on “Usage of open source technologies : An Strategic Advantage “on 20nd September 2019 .The Expert Talk was given by an eminent person from the industry, Mr. Nihit Sharda. Presently he is Sr. Analyst & Content Specialist, Competitive Intelligence), IBM Pvt. Ltd.
The main Objective of the Expert talk was to highlight the important of open source technologies in the current scenario specially management graduates. The session commenced with the welcome remarks of Executive Director Prof. Vikas Singh, #ITS #Education Group. He differentiates the open source and close source technologies. Mr. Nihit Sharda started with the structure of cloud computing and later moved to machine learning, AI and chatbot with practical open-source tools.
He emphasized that in addition to #management concepts, #MBA #Graduates need to focus learn #technical #skills for coping with the changing scenario. He emphasized that technical skills is the very critical aspect for any organization for gaining competitive advantage. He make taught students the implementation part of #Machine #Learning and #AI for the person from non-technical background and how one can implement Machine Learning and AI without knowing coding. He also focused on the chatbot, which can stimulate a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging application, mobile apps or through the telephone. His recommendation for the students was on technical marketing rather than traditional marketing.
At last it ended with interesting quiz on open-source tool Kahoot. The students of MBA participated in the event whole heartedly, enjoyed it and got valuable inputs on the subject which is importance in today’s competitive business scenario.
The coordinator thanked the Executive Director Dr Vikas Singh and MBA HOD Dr Sunita Shukla for providing such a platform to enhance and adding values to the knowledge of students.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida. The objective is to provide an insight about the present scenario and developments in the field of Television Industry and its socio-economic impact on the Society. On November 21, 2019, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I.T.S Engineering College, Greater Noida organized an expert talk on “Developments and Present Scenario of Television Industry”. The guest was felicitated by Dr. Monika Jain, HOD-ECE. The talk was delivered by Mr. Anurodh Srivastava, Assistant General Manager- Manufacturing Operations & Services at IDEMIA, NOIDA (formerly known as Syscom Corporation). During his talk Mr. Srivastava shared his views on the developments of television industry from the inception of Black & White Television to Color Television Industry to LED and LCD TV. He said that the television industry has changed from time-slot vision to perception vision.                                 

All the students of ECE enthusiastically attended the talk. The program was coordinated by Dr. Ashish Gupta (Professor), Mr. Agha Asim Husain (Assistant Professor) & Mr. Navneet Kumar (Assistant Professor).

OUTCOME: Students Learned about the future scope in the field of Television Industry. They also learnt about the various job opportunities in this field and the current scenario in the communication industry.