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Mechanical Engineering 

One of the founding departments of I.T.S Engineering College, the department of Mechanical Engineering plays a leading role in evolving, developing and manufacturing of various processes, technology and equipments to serve for the betterment and comfort of society and mankind. The department imparts practical insights to the students through well equipped state-of-art laboratories, Industrial visits and value addition courses. In the pursuit of promoting and developing the research capabilities along with professional activities among the students we have a Centre of Excellence for Industrial and Process Automation in Technical Collaboration with SMC Pneumatics (I) Pvt. Ltd which is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. The department consistently strives to provide avenues to students for skill development and academic mobility to improve the potential for employability. The department has well qualified and experienced faculty members. The department emphasizes the research, consultancy and entrepreneurship activities by various projects of MSME, Govt. of India through college Business Incubation Center. 

Course Duration Intake Affiliation approvals
 B.Tech(Mechanical Engineering)  4 Yrs 120 Dr. A.P.J.AbdulKalam Technical University

Eligibility: Candidate must have passed 10+2 or its equivalent in PCM securing minimum 45% (40% for SC/ST) marks in PCM.


Why Mechanical Engineering @ ITS EC 

The Department offers unique program:-
Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machinery. Mechanical Engineering is the science of exploring the natural resources of power and propulsion and materials of engineering construction through the design, development, production, installation and operation of power plants, transport equipments and industrial plants. Many things that we see around us which may include as small as a needle or as big as a space shuttle are the results of design and developments in the field of Mechanical Engineering, of course, with contribution from other streams as well. The demand for mechanical engineers with good technical skills has been high for many years. There are many aspects of education that you must master to be able to get a degree in mechanical engineering. The standard curriculum allows flexibility in choosing courses that reflect interests within the broad areas of mechanical engineering. It has its influence in almost all other disciplines of engineering. A very broad range of subjects ranging from automobile engineering to aerodynamics makes this the most comprehensive and demanding course.
Mechanical Engineering is the core discipline since the dawn of engineering culture, which offers a satisfying & rewarding career. It plays a key role in developing, operating and manufacturing new machines, devices and processes to benefit humanity. No wonder Mechanical Engineers are most sought after technocrats across wide spectrum of industries. They apply their creative imaginations and professional skills to combine both theory and practice in variety of situations.

With the help of dedicated and committed teaching professionals, the department offers the followings:

Spoken English Classes:- In order to improve spoken English, confidence building classes for students is conducted on regular basis by our team of experts. These experts teach the students art of the spoken English with various exercises and techniques and make them confident in spoken English. 

Industrial visit of the students:- In order to increase industries-academic interface, the students are taken to the industries on a conducted tour. In this they learn about the working of industries and have interaction with those working with the industries. We conduct normally two industrial visit per semester with the help of our faculties.

Conduct of Guest Lectures :- Experts from known and branded industries are invited to our college to interact and share their valuable experiences.

Personality Development Programme:- This is conducted by our experts in order to groom the personality in to a positive attitude and confidence building exercises for our students. 

Presentation Skills:- This is developed among our students which help them during their work in the industries. 

Development of other Skills and Team Spirit:- Case studies, group discussions, role play, management games and brain storming sessions are conducted on regular basis to improve the overall knowledge of the students.

Summer Internship: - After completion of second semester, students are sent for summer internship for six to eight week of duration in a reputed industries. They carry out detailed study of the industry and under an industry guide. This is arranged by the college for every student.

Conduct of Seminar/Workshop: - This is conducted every semester to further broaden the knowledge of the students, eminent personalities from the industries and academics are called to share their experiences and guide our students for their future course of action. 

Interview Cracking Techniques:- With the help of our experts professionals we impart specific training for 

I.How to prepare for interview.

II.How to face interview.

III.Do and don’t for interview.

IV.Likely questions asked during interviews. 

V.How to crack the interview.

Academic performance: -The performance of our students in the academic field has been exceptional. There has been a track record of 100% pass out in the university examination. Our students have also achieved high ranking in the university. 

Conduct of cultural activities:- 

a)Welcome Party: - Given by the seniors to their juniors. 

b)Annual cultural day:- This is to encourage and developed the hidden talent of the students. 

c)Engineers day:- This is to encourage and bring forward the hidden engineer of the students by organizing different technical activities.

d)Farewell Party:- Given to all outgoing students by their juniors. 

All the above unique program are conducted at our college so that entire personality of the students is changed, he/she becomes confident, stable and starts vibrating with full of positive energy.


Now the students are ready to face the placement arranged by our Corporate Resource Centre (CRC). Our CRC is managed by a group of highly competent and professionals. Highly reputed National and International companies are called and campus placement drive is arranged for each of our students. Our CRC has a track record of maintaining 100% placement with very high salaries. 


Mech Impulse(Student Activities Society)

MECH-IMPULSE Society has an objective of developing, promoting and honing the practical technical and managerial skills of the students of Mechanical engineering department.

Society plays a vital role in the development of students as engineers by various out-of-curriculum and extracurricular activities. MECH-IMPULSE aims to inculcate among its members an awareness and appreciation of the various disciplines of not just Mechanical Engineering but also other relevant fields.

With the needs of the students as the priority, society organizes event all-year round to help them discover and develop their talent. 

This society is designed to help students learn more about Marketing, Advertisement, Sales, Public Relations, finance etc.

Club Events

The Society organizes various events all through the year to enable students to enhance their technical as well as non technical skills. Our events are aimed at providing an opportunity of cultural and technical expression to students.

It routinely organizes workshops on various design and simulation software like Autocad, Solidworks, CNC, etc, which provides much needed exposure to the real life engineering problems, both technical as well as managerial kind by organizing industrial tours visits, lectures on topics of general interests and seminars of specific interest etc.

Besides this, it also organizes fresher's welcome, farewell for the graduating students and happy hours throughout the year. It also serves as an interface between the students and the faculty and strives for improvement in student-faculty interaction. 

Vision of Mechanical Engineering Department

 To be a preferred institute in India for value based education in Mechanical Engineering leading to well-qualified engineers, who are immediate contributors to their profession.

Mission of Mechanical Engineering Department

•To train and educate undergraduate mechanical engineers of outstanding ability to occupy leadership position in industry and profession.

• To respond effectively to the needs of the changing environments of Engineering, Technology and Society.

• To develop Mechanical Engineering graduates to meet intellectual, ethical and professional challenges.

•Promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked against the best institutions in its peer group.

Mechanical Engineering Department Program learning objectives 

•To prepare competent Mechanical Engineering graduates with strong Mathematics, Basic Science and Engineering fundamentals for successful career in Industry/Research and Development/ Entrepreneurship/Higher studies.

•To provide students the in-depth knowledge and skills to identify, formulate and solve mechanical engineering   problems related to applied mechanics and design, fluid mechanics and thermal science, manufacturing and   industrial engineering.

•To develop the students’ analytical, scientific and engineering depth to design and conduct experiments as    well as to analyze and interpret the data related to Mechanical Engineering.

•To develop self motivated graduates with the ability to excel in multi disciplinary group, both as team members and as leaders to comprehend and analyze engineering problems and relating them with real life situations. 

•To inculcate effective communication and interpersonal skills through creating an opportunity to work in group with a broad understanding of the ethics of the profession and respect for intellectual property.

•To develop self-learning ability in Mechanical Engineering graduates by inculcating the philosophy of continuous learning and innovation for career advancement.

Mechanical Engineering Department Program learning outcomes

•Ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals for the solution of mechanical engineering problems.

•Graduate will demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate and analyze problems related to applied  mechanics and design, fluid and thermal science, manufacturing and industrial Engineering

•Graduate will demonstrate their ability to design mechanical systems, conduct experiments with mechanical systems, analyze and interpret the data. 

•Graduate will be familiar with modern engineering tools and software for solving mechanical engineering problems.

•Graduate will be aware of ethical, social and environmental aspect of engineering solutions on the society.

• Graduate will be able to communicate effectively along with the ability to perform as an individual or leader in multidisciplinary team.

•Graduate will demonstrate the knowledge of managerial and professional skills for successful    implementation of projects.

• Graduate will demonstrate their ability of self-learning in technological changing environment along with the ability to perform in competitive examinations and tests.

Future prospects of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is also famous as Evergreen branch out of all other branches of Engineering. It involves designing, development and production of various products we come across in our day to day life. Mechanical engineers get job in various horizons of private as well as public sector firm. Mechanical Engineers are contributing their intellectual property for the development of several engines, power plant, and heavy machinery etc. for the betterment of human beings, society and environment. 

These are the list of positions that can be achieved by Mechanical Engineering Professionals:

1. Design Engineer

2. Production Engineer

3. R&D Engineer

4. Planning Manager

5. Quality Engineer

6. Service Engineer

7. Tool Room Engineer

8. Product Design Engineer

9. Plant Head

10 General Manager

Focus on Sector Wise Placement

1.Automobile Industry

2.Aviation and Aerospace Industry

3.Energy Generation and Distribution Industry

4.Industrial Automation

5.Oil Sector

6.Healthcare Industry

7.Shipping Industry

8.Heavy Machinery and Capital Goods Companies 

9.Metallurgy Industry

10.Agriculture Sector

•Career Oriented Learning
•University Ranking 
•Providing initial high salary
•Placements in National and International Companies
•Experienced Faculty and Mentors which help in building and understanding of both theoretical and practical knowledge

Our Notable Alumni
Today, we are proud of our all our alumni working in very good company and holding good positions. They are in constant touch with the institute and they feel pride that they have completed their under graduation degree in Mechanical Engineering  from ITS EC