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College Campus & Infrastructure

By Ashutosh Singh

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida has a vibrant and world class campus. The college is equipped with excellent laboratories, library, and facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.
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Engineering is one field of Education that would continue to attract millions of youth everywhere

By kshatrapalrc

The simple reason being all the great work in the world that is being done by engineers! And engineers are getting paid lucratively for contributing in making the world a better place. Recent market studies reflect that engineering is one of the highest paid professional degrees in the world;
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Soft Skills Training For The Success Minded Students

By kshatrapalrc

Yes, as a college or university student, it is very important for you to begin training in soft skills. You can join workshops or personal enhancement programmes where you will get theoretical and practical knowledge about verbal and written communication...
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Brand Yourself. Think Big. Achieve Big.

By kshatrapalrc

No one bargains in a Nike shop. No one compares the price of Mont Blanc with any ordinary pen. Why? Simply because these products have built a brand name for themselves! So can humans brand themselves?
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Be The Best You: 7 Keys To A Positive Personality

By kshatrapalrc

Each one of us is capable of making a difference to the world; if only we are ready to tap within and realize our true being, true potential and unfolding our infinite capabilities.
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Data types in Python: Numeric Data Type

By kshatrapalrc

Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme, or Java. In my last blog we have discussed the key features of python.
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Importance of Industrial Visit in MBA

By kshatrapalrc

Industry visit of MBA department
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Marktech: An International Conference on Marketing

By kshatrapalrc

The Department of MBA at ITS Engineering College strives to achieve excellence and always eager to share the knowledge of current and future business scenarios with the students by industry experts. Seminars/Conferences are large scale events that bring people in the same industry together to learn ...

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National Instruments & e-Yantra Lab at ITSEngg

By kshatrapalrc

The ECE department of I.T.S Engineering College was established in the year 2009 with the main aim to be more responsive and more responsible towards society, towards nature for an amiable existence. Ability to communicate all types of information from any place, any time is changing society fr...

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Know Your Aptitude

By kshatrapalrc

Aptitude - why is it turning out to be one of the most critical skills in jobs market
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