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How can I get over my fear of interviews?

By kshatrapalrc

There are few ways through which you can get rid of interview fears 1. Take interviews as discussions. As its a common platform for interviewer and as well as interviewee to understand the role and suitability of the person for the ...
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How Beneficial Are Industry Talks And Seminars For College Students?

By kshatrapalrc

In world that measure success on the basis of your pay package, degree alone won’t suffice. You need to be aware of the industry working style, need to be confident and smart and you need to know the tricks of the trade. But how would a student know all this without venturing into the industry?
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Be The Best You: 7 Keys To A Positive Personality

By kshatrapalrc

Each one of us is capable of making a difference to the world; if only we are ready to tap within and realize our true being, true potential and unfolding our infinite capabilities.
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By kshatrapalrc

Campus recruitment practices and processes have been mostly stagnant for many years. But now the economy has changed and the competition is high. In terms of campus recruitment, many other crucial factors have been changing for such fresh graduating talents and also how recruiters look while hiring....

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National Instruments & e-Yantra Lab at ITSEngg

By kshatrapalrc

The ECE department of I.T.S Engineering College was established in the year 2009 with the main aim to be more responsive and more responsible towards society, towards nature for an amiable existence. Ability to communicate all types of information from any place, any time is changing society fr...

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Know Your Aptitude

By kshatrapalrc

Aptitude - why is it turning out to be one of the most critical skills in jobs market
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5 Trends in Education to watch in 2019

By kshatrapalrc

Change is the only constant -- even in Education. Education is benefitting from trends across sectors from the integration of technology to making hard sciences a more creative process to encourage innovation.
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Importance of Employability Skills

By kshatrapalrc

The need of industry is knowledge and skills acquired with an eligibility to include skill-ready employees from day one.
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