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Which is more important, skill or knowledge?

By kshatrapalrc

We’re seeing lots of evidence that suggests that there is a growing gap between what universities are producing and what industry needs in terms of engineering graduates, and not just in India, but worldwide.
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Be The Best You: 7 Keys To A Positive Personality

By kshatrapalrc

Each one of us is capable of making a difference to the world; if only we are ready to tap within and realize our true being, true potential and unfolding our infinite capabilities.
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Data types in Python: Numeric Data Type

By kshatrapalrc

Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme, or Java. In my last blog we have discussed the key features of python.
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Elevator Pitch

By kshatrapalrc

An elevator pitch is a crisp, short and persuasive speech to arouse interest in what you or your organization does. It is called as an elevator pitch because it is small enough to be presented during an elevator ride.
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National Instruments & e-Yantra Lab at ITSEngg

By kshatrapalrc

The ECE department of I.T.S Engineering College was established in the year 2009 with the main aim to be more responsive and more responsible towards society, towards nature for an amiable existence. Ability to communicate all types of information from any place, any time is changing society fr...

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Why Skill Development is necessary in India?

By kshatrapalrc

As India targets to becoming a global economic powerhouse, it needs to equip its workforce with employable skills and knowledge to make India a developed economy.
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