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B.E. Or B.Tech? Make Your Move

By Sarabjeet Singh

Technology encompasses an enormous body of data and tools that ease the utilization of economic resources as how to supply goods and services efficiently and innovative. As technology becomes the catalyst for Engineering students to line up b...
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College Campus & Infrastructure

By Ashutosh Singh

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida has a vibrant and world class campus. The college is equipped with excellent laboratories, library, and facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.
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One of The Best Placement Colleges

By kshatrapalrc

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida is one of the top placement colleges in Delhi NCR region.ITS Engineering College’s students are doing great in industry
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One of The Best Colleges

By kshatrapalrc

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida is one of the best private engineering colleges of North India with a vibrant and state-of-the-art campus.
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Among Top Ranked Colleges

By kshatrapalrc

ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida has been ranked one of top 10 private Engineering Colleges in Uttar Pradesh and one of the best engineering colleges in North India.

ITS Engineering College, a part of the ITS Education Group, has made its mark through exceptional teaching and learning practices...

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Computer Science Engineering Teaching Practices at ITS

By Sarabjeet Singh

Today the world is rushing towards modernization and computerization whether it is in professional, industrial, social, defense or occupational field. Commuters help in working faster without errors and a lot of data can be stored in a small space. Software industries and Technology giants want high...
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What is prohibited under lockdown 3.0 in Red Zones

By kshatrapalrc

What is prohibited under lockdown 3.0 in Red Zones 1. All domestic and international air travel of passengers, except for medical services, air ambulance and for security purposes or for purposes as permitted by MHA...........
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Engineering is one field of Education that would continue to attract millions of youth everywhere

By kshatrapalrc

The simple reason being all the great work in the world that is being done by engineers! And engineers are getting paid lucratively for contributing in making the world a better place. Recent market studies reflect that engineering is one of the highest paid professional degrees in the world;
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How to choose the right Engineering stream and the best Engineering College?

By kshatrapalrc

The best college for engineering in Delhi NCR offer multiple degrees with different specializations and majors. With the excess of options, one might stumble while choosing the right college or even the branch that suits one’s best interest.
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Contribution to Chief Minister COVID Care Fund, Uttar Pradesh

By kshatrapalrc

Dr. R P Chadha, Honorable Chairman, ITS - The Education Group contributed Rs. 5.51 lakh for "Chief Minister Covid Care Fund, Uttar Pradesh" and cheque has been handed over to Hon'ble General V K Singh, Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.
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