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ITS Engineering College is one of the premier institutes under the umbrella of ITS The Education Group, being guiding and gilding globe from last 25 years. 

ITS Engineering College is having a rich strength of 4000+ alumni since 10 batches are passed out from the institute and we are proud of our alumni and keen to be the mentors of the candidates like them for lifelong. 

Presently alumni of the institute are working in government and private sector both in the companies of repute. Many alumni are serving in other countries on the international profiles too. Alumni of the institute are the jewels and they are contributing a lot in the progress of the institute. We are going to register the Alumni Association soon for the welfare of the students and election process is completed in the last Alumni Meet itself. This Alumni Association will contribute for the establishment of the research, fund raising for the poor and needy students and much more for the betterment of the society and institute too.


Alumni Connect Events @ ITS

AIM: To connect with the previous students and facilitate present students of the institute to make their career bright under the guidance of our rich alumni.

  1. Annual Alumni Meet (SANKALAN): Every year on first Sunday of March
  2. Alumni Day: Every month on fourth Saturday
  3. Organize get together at companies where alumni are working
  4. Felicitation of the Alumni for their extraordinary contribution
  5. Guest talks and interaction sessions of the alumni with current batches

Alumni Registration Process

Step1:  Creation of social media poster for announcement of Alumni Meet Day.
Step 2: Creation of Facebook Event.
Step 3: Creation of google form and shorten url for registration.
Step4: Share google response sheet to all the coordinators for follow up.
Step5: Circulation of Invitation letter with google link through emails, social media and whatsapp.
Step6: Regular calling by departmental alumni coordinators on alumni's mobile numbers for registration and to join the alumni meet.
Step7: Reminder calls to alumni registered through google form.
Step8: Registration in hard copy on Alumni Meet Day.
Step 9: Alumni registration compilation in soft copy after the alumni meet.
Alumni Registration Form Download

Alumni Network


ITS Alumni Saurabh Sharma working at  Synoptic IP

 Saurabh Sharma        

Synoptic IP

ITS Alumni Adiya Tripathi working at  SN EnviroTech

Aditya Tripathi

S.N. EnviroTech

ITS Alumni Abdullah Khan working at  Preet Machines

Abdullah Khan

Preet Machines

ITS Alumni Abhay Kumar working at  JBM Group

Abhay Kumar

JBM Group


ITS Alumni Bharat working at  Central Excise & Custom

Bharat Kapoor

Central Excise & Customs

ITS Alumni Srivats Goswami working at  Intertek

Srivats Goswami 


ITS Alumni Poonam Gupta working at  Manhan System

Poonam Gupta

Manhan System

ITS Alumni Abhinav Chaudhary working at  HCL

Abhinav Chaudhary



ITS Alumni Md. Zubair Ali working at Infosys

 Md. Zubair Ali


ITS Alumni Shruti Tyagi working at  Oracel

Shruti Tyagi


ITS Alumni Deepanshu Agarwal working at  ARM

Deepanshu Agarwal


ITS Alumni Akarshita Tripathi working at  Times Business

Akarshita Tripathi

Times Business


ITS Alumni Ankit Prasar working at  PNC Infratech Limited

 Ankit Paraser 


ITS Alumni Adil Khan working at  DSP Society

Adil Khan

DPS Society

ITS Alumni Akash Tyagi working at  S.K. Builders Infrastructure

Akash Tyagi

S.K Builders Infrastructure

ITS Alumni Prakash Sam working at  India Built Well Pvt Ltd


India- built well Pvt Ltd


ITS Alumni  Amulya Anurag working at Smart Prix



ITS Alumni Ashwani Dubey working at Mobinet



ITS Alumni Bhumika Chaudhary working at DESFSY Solutions



ITS Minal Tripathi working at ZYCUS




ITS Alumni Biswajeet working at Induside Bank


Induside Bank

ITS Alumni Shachi working at American Express


American Express

ITS Alumni Anurag working at Investors Clinic


Investors Clinic

ITS Alumni Govind working at Big Basket


Big Basket