Student Activities of MBA Students at ITS
Student Club Activities of MBA Students at ITS

Activities & Events @ MBA

MBA Activity Clubs: 
The purpose of MBA activity clubs is to bring students together in various fields of management, and help them to develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate environment. These clubs are designed to help students gain insights into the latest happenings in the fields of Marketing, Finance and HR

Some of the events conducted by the activity clubs are as follows:

·  National and International Seminars & Conferences

·  Workshops on Contemporary topics

·  Expert Talks

·  Business Plan Competition

·  Business Quizzes and so on

The Marketing Club regularly organizes a plethora of activities ranging from seminar,s  conferences, debates, quizzes to games & exercises etc to enhance the relevant and essential skills required to make successful Marketing professionals in the corporate world.

Following student belong to the Marketing Club:

·  Ms. Umang Sharma, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Ms. Parismita Das, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Mr. Prashant Tiwari, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Mr. Anurag Pandey, MBA Batch 2019-21

The Finance Club: focuses on enhancing the financial skills of the MBA students with the help of various role plays related to corporate world, case study discussions, financial workshops, post budget analysis etc.

Finance Club Members are as follows:

·  Mr. Ayushi Gupta, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Mr, Abhishek, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Mr. Amit Gupta, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, MBA Batch 2019-21

The Human Resource Club provides a unique platform to outstanding students to show their skills to manage human resource with team building exercises, simulations, workshops and technical quizzes etc.

HR Club members are as follows:

·  Ms. Sonali Kansal, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Ms. Rashi Goel, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Ms. Princi Garg, MBA Batch 2019-21

·  Ms. Tanya, MBA Batch 2019-21

College Events of MBA Students at ITS
Cultural Events for MBA Students at ITS

Cultural Events @ MBA

It may be seen that we are not just running MBA Programme, but we are making our students appropriate  and confident in all respects and changing their entire personality so that they will be able to grab a good job before passing out from this college. 

Some of the cultural events conducted by the Department are:

·  Welcome Party

·  Farewell Party

·  Udgosh: - An Art and Literary Fest